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Jan 2021

FYISexy Episode 5: What the Hell Happened to us in COVID

Erica and Nick reunite after nine month COVID hiatus. Surviving the pandemic with their inner sexy still turned on, they banter and play a new game called Naked Game Night! Listen in and join the fun!

May 2020

FYISexy Episode 4: “The Importance Of Touch” with Special Guest, Jane the Counselor!

Nick & Erica bring back Jane the Counselor to discuss the importance of touch. In Episode #4, Nick & Erica open up about their own relationship and talk about how the simple art of touching can help you connect, relax and spark intimacy. Special guest Jane the Counselor, LICSW CMC is back at it, sharing her insights and playing the FYISexy card game once again with Nick & Erica in this informative, sexy and yet hilarious episode!

Mar 2020

FYISexy Episode 3: Meet Jane the Counselor!

Erica & Nick take on Jane the Counselor in another telling podcast of finding your inner sexy and hilarious card game questions.  Learn how to better frame your life for more inner sexy and enjoy the banter of Nick & Erica!

Feb 2020

FYISexy Episode 2: “Carried Away at Any Age”

Understanding yourself and how to communicate is essential to "inner sexy". Hear some great discussion, simple thoughtful tips, and play more FYISexy Card Game questions with Erica & Nick!

Feb 2020

FYISexy Episode 1: “Slow Burn Hot Fun”

Erica Lockwood & Nicholas Ford share their story of re-ignited passion from a backyard kiss thirty years ago, followed by a 30 year gap, & then fireworks!  Amazing story of rediscovering inner sexy together.  Now the share how real grown-ups connect & find their "inner sexy" and play the FYISexy Card Game with special guests!

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